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About Us

Katie Moos Photography

 Farming has been a part of the Gerry family for generations. Ken and Jo-Anne both love farming and landscaping, and grew up in families with deep agricultural ties. Ken's passion for cultivating the soil emerged even from early childhood. As a five year-old, he took pride in his garden and enjoyed weeding with his child-sized hoe. 



Ken has lived on the farm his entire life, with the exception of attending the University of Arizona where he earned a bachelor's degree in Horticulture. He and Jo-Anne met in Tucson and have been married 38 years now. Through the years Ken's passion for growing things has blossomed and now extends to the meticulous care he takes in maintaining his orchards and blueberry fields.

In addition, Ken and Jo-Anne have raised three daughters on the farm. Two of them are currently involved in operating the venue. Ken and Jo-Anne's hobbies include gardening with their grandchildren, watching baseball, timing collegiate track meets, interior design, and spending time with their family.

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