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Our History

Gerry Ranch was originally part of Rancho Calleguas, a Spanish and Mexican land grant. The Gerry family has enjoyed farming in Ventura County since 1880 and has been farming on this thirty-eight acre location since 1945. Ellsworth Gerry and Marion Gerry settled in Santa Rosa Valley and built a large house in 1927 to accommodate their eight children. They grew lima beans and oranges.

Richard at the helm while his brother Lawrence sits on the wheel.

Their son, Richard, established this ranch in 1945 with his brother, Willard. Richard and his wife, Eleanor, built their dreams on this property and raised their five children. The ranch is now owned by their youngest son, Ken, and his wife, Jo-Anne.

Ken Gerry back from college, posing by the weed-cutter.

Over the years crops grown here have included lima beans, oranges, lemons, avocados and since 2009, blueberries. Gerry Ranch is nestled in the Santa Rosa Valley, near Camarillo. Our wedding venue has views of the surrounding hills and valley as well as blueberry fields, lemon orchards and avocado groves. We love farming in this rural area and would love to share the ranch with you and your guests.

Richard installing drip irrigation.

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